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5 Reasons Everyone Should Be Working Remotely

Tessa-May Marr

January 20, 2015

reasons to working remotely

Sure, I guess it can be lonely, and maybe you miss out on some of the juicy “office politics”, but there is something pretty fantastic about getting up every day and NOT having to drive through traffic. What if you could simply roll over, stretch, brush your teeth and then just get right into it. You could be doing this whole ‘waking up and working thing’ in the comfort of your own home, or at an exotic beach locale of your choice with a trusty WIFI connection. If you’re considering making the shift from the office to working from home, this blog will undoubtedly convince you it’s a good move to make. (Especially because we are only highlighting the pros in this one!)

Reason 1: Holy Flexibility Batman!

Your schedule is truly your own when you work remotely. Sure, you may have to schedule in some Skype meetings or attend some webinars, but other than that you can craft your work day around the rest of things you have happening in your life. You can fit in a work out first thing because you don’t have to worry about driving to and from your spin studio. This means no waiting in a lineup of sweaty women for a shower and then trying to style your hair as quickly as possible so you can still make it (through rush hour traffic) to the office for 8AM. Or perhaps you are a Mom and want to bring your kids home for lunch in the middle of your day; you can do that! Maybe you’re a night owl? Stay up working until 2AM with a bowl full of popcorn beside you. No one is going to mind! Fun fact: I just did two loads of laundry while writing this very blog.

Note: If you’re working from home and want an easy way to track your hours, there is a great app called HourTracker. This app can help you clock in and out easily from your phone so you’re not billing any clients while you put in a load of whites.

Reason 2: It’s Good For The Environment

Not having to commute to and from the office every day is wonderful for our environment. Less cars on the road means less pollution (and even less road rage). Maybe you are environmentally friendly already and take the train to work which is great, but best case scenario is everyone just stays in. (No, we are not encouraging you all to be hermits, but you can’t deny it’s a good point!)

Reason 3: Low Overhead

Offices are very expensive. The green buildings (which, for the record, we do support if an office is necessary), the parking lots, the office gyms, the Starbucks in your lobby, all of these things cost your business money. If you’re a business owner, this is definitely a big consideration for you. Having a remote team can be one of the best breaks you can give your business. (And if you’re concerned with having to monitor your employees and their time management skills then perhaps you’ve hired the wrong people, just saying.)

Not a business owner? Keeping costs low should still matter to you! Low costs translate to higher a profit, which in the end means there is more money for things like salary increases, company retreats and profit share, so get on the low cost train everybody!

Reason 4: What You Can Wear (Or Not Wear)

Think about how much money you spend on ‘appropriate office attire’ every year. Those suits and blouses, high heels and ties are expensive, but you can’t very well turn up to your office in track pants and your favorite old band t-shirt now can you? (Well, not if you want anyone to take you seriously anyway!) When you’re at home however, no one knows what you’re wearing! It’s brilliant. Stay in your pyjamas if you want! There is definitely no rule that says you have to wear pants! (Unless you don’t live alone, of course; being a considerate family member and roommate is still important.) Bottom line: no one’s going to judge you based on your appearance, unless of course you have a Skype call. Get dressed for those people, that’s just awkward.

Also, beware of screenshare calls! Sometimes, without warning, video is enabled when you don’t expect it. Even if you’re in a towel, it just doesn't look cool. You’re welcome.

Reason 5: Fill In The Blank

I could easily sit here and come up with a fifth reason why working remotely is so great, but it’s time for me to shut it down for the day and have a glass of wine (which is only 100 meters away in my very own kitchen). But we’d like to hear from you to complete this list!

What’s your favorite thing about working remotely? Or if you’re considering the transition, what are you most looking forward to?

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