• Marr Media Team

Case Study: The Most Successful Paid Campaigns We've Ever Run

Wait, you got HOW many likes on that post?

This month, we get to present the results from the most successful campaigns we’ve ever run for one of our clients. And we’re excited about it. Let’s take a look.

This client preserves and promotes the history of women in medicine. During a strategy call, we discussed how we wanted to show up online during COVID-19. What did we want to say? How did we want to show support for women in medicine?

We created a campaign called #FemaleFacesOnTheFrontline. The idea was to draw attention to all the women in medicine working tirelessly to support those suffering during COVID-19. You’ve probably seen the photos of overtired faces, bruised from wearing masks for too long. They’re upsetting. But by showcasing them, we are sharing their stories. This is history in the making and we need to be aware of what’s going on behind the scenes. We also need to be able to say thank you.

Here’s what we did:

*Campaign names have been hidden to protect client privacy.

With just $500, we saw over 9,000 post engagements (likes/reactions, comments and shares) and over 50,000 impressions. All at a cost per result of $.05 or less.

With just $500, we saw over 9,000 post engagements and over 50,000 impressions. All at a cost per result of $.05 or less.

For perspective, our average post engagements on an organic post, where no ad spend is utilized, is about 50-100. Still very strong, but nowhere near the results we saw by adding budget.

Why does this matter?

Brand awareness.

This reach allows us to tap into an entirely new (and MUCH larger) audience for future campaigns, and provides us a fresh network of potential future donors for this not-for-profit organization. To find out more about this organization and their incredible initiative, find them on Facebook.

Why did these campaigns work?

Well, for a few reasons.

  1. One trick here is nailing your audience. We always start by clearly identifying our target market when we work with a client. And then by regularly monitoring our audience stats on social networks and through web traffic, we’re able to confirm this. Then we use that data to build custom audiences that target exactly who we’re trying to get in front of.

  2. It’s imperative to check in on your ads consistently, and optimize. We always create multiple versions of copy, use various images, and if possible - different calls to action. Then after the ad has been running for a few days (sometimes longer), we check back and see what’s working best. We might see one version of creative that stands out and is getting very favorable results, while another is costing more for less results. In that case, we might turn off one and allow more budget to flow to the stronger one. Same goes for audiences. We can and will play with all of these things to ensure we are getting the best “bang for our (clients) buck” and ultimately, reaching our goals faster.