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A Few Quick Tips For Setting Up Business Facebook Pages

Tessa-May Marr

December 10, 2015

setting up facebook business page

Real talk.

I just clicked through 1200 people to invite them to our new Mad Media Facebook page, and you know what? My pointer finger is SORE!

This week we are talking about Facebook. We all know what it means for keeping in touch with our friends and family, but how do we use it to connect our friends, our family, and our target market as a whole, with our business’?

Business Facebook Pages: They’re seemingly somewhere you just have to be. It depends on your brand of course—it’s not the right space for everyone. But it’s still the most popular (even though I definitely have my eye on Pinterest and Snapchat as they grow at an overwhelmingly fast rate). We, at Mad Media, finally decided to get on board. While we’re mainly a B2B brand, social media is something than impacts everyone—at least everyone that’s using it. And the thing is, everyone who’s on Facebook, scrolling through their news feeds, liking all my selfies… they’re all using it. So therefore, at least on some level, the content we share will likely matter to them. So it was time for us to set ourselves up. And that we did. (If you don’t already, click through and follow us!)

If you’re like us and you’re just getting your business set up on Facebook (or have been considering it and are now convinced you need to get started), here are a few tips for growing your fan base.

First things first: Don’t invite people to like a generic page with no images or logos, no information and no content. They’re far less likely to be interested because… well, you’re not interesting yet! Ensure your page is fully equipped with all your business information, features some nice imagery and company branding and also, features a few posts so they can get a feel for what you’ll be sharing.

Once you've got that all taken care of, it's time for the juicy stuff.

Invite Friends

Have you ever heard the expression, “we are all just one degree away from closing a deal?” This has been proven, time and time again, to be true, and it’s the reason personal networking is so successful. This means, starting by inviting everyone from your personal network on Facebook to “Like” your page, is a great first step! Even if they aren’t a perfect fit for your target market, it’s likely that they know someone who is, or will meet someone in the future, and you want to be in the forefront of their mind as someone they want to recommend! (Fun fact: About 90% of my business has been from referrals via a personal network. )

Paid Advertising

Facebook offers some super affordable, easy-to-use, targeted paid advertising that you can and should take advantage of (it’s on my to do list for 2016). Simply input your targets and your budget, along with your credit card info, and your own ad will show up on screens of the very people who will likely care about what you have to say.


Is there someone in your industry who already has a great big following, chock-full of your target market? Well, reach out to them. So long as they’re not compeition, it’s possible and maybe even likely that they’ll want to share your new page with their followers. Think about the potential reach you could get all from a quick, personal message?! It could even grow to be a symbiotic, reciprocal relationship for both of your businesses as they grow. Cross-marketing is powerful, people!

These practices should get your fan base growing once you’re all set up, and then what you really need to focus on is content and how you’re going to provide value back to your fans! But that’s another conversation all together….

And the bonus lesson from this story: When people invite you to Like a Page on Facebook, they’ve worked the shit out of their pointer fingers and deserve some of your time and consideration. No, that doesn’t mean you have to like and follow. If the subject is totally irrelevant for you and you’re likely just going to find yourself annoyed by their frequent, un-relatable posts, then you should politely decline. That’s totally acceptable. But DO NOT ignore these invites. Think about your friends pointer fingers… Be considerate.

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