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The Search for Inspiration

Jody Poulter

July 21, 2015

search for inspiration


/InspIrei(ə)n/the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

As a designer, I have always felt that the thirst for inspiration is ubiquitous, but once I began thinking about writing this post, I realized it is actually inherent in all of us. To want to be inspired, the desire to believe that beauty is everywhere, that creativity fuels our passions, our dreams, our developing minds.

But in our day-to-day lives, where does inspiration come from? Where do we find it? Does it find us? Where can we escape normality and find the unique? The remarkable? The awakening inspiration?

From experience, I have been inspired by anything and everything--from the bus ticket in a foreign land to the shadows created by a lamppost in the fading sun. My mind is drawn to all of it. But for those who are not accustomed to searching for these moments, may I offer some techniques that should help the revelations to flow in?

Let's embark on the search for inspiration. Let the adventure begin.

Be free

Lose track of time for a while, get lost in the world. Have no limitations where you are going, or when you are going to be back at your desk. The ultimate time to be inspired is when you least expect it.

Be conscious

Forget the mindless wandering of your everyday journey with eyes glued to your smartphone. Walk consciously. People watch. Absorb your surroundings. Allow inspiration to feed into you.

Be sensual

Use every sense: taste inspiration, smell it, feel it. That wonderful, immeasurably delicious glass of red you sipped overlooking the sea with your first love. That day you danced on the beach and the smell of the sea and sand lingered until the night drew in. The sense of comfort as you embrace the friend you haven’t seen for a while. Allow every sense to resonate and be grateful for it. It will eventually inspire everything you do.

Be remote

Travel. See the world and experience the cultural magnitude that surrounds us. Be free, be conscious, be sensual in a different world than your own. Every single one of these elements will take a different path to that of which we would experience in our comfort zone. Allow the world to shape you and the inspiration you will fundamentally be exposed to, will not only inspire others, but will feed your inspiration for life.

At every opportunity, your ability to look at the world differently will inspire your decisions, if you let it. You will be empowered to embrace it, explore it and in turn it will evoke passion, happiness and creativity. Allow your search for inspiration to ultimately awaken your soul, excite your mind and induce all that is creative.

Now tell us, where do you find your inspiration?

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Photography by: Joseph Leung

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