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Why Our New #AdsOnly Program Is Your New BFF

Updated: Aug 4

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You’ve nailed down your organic social, but just aren’t seeing the growth you expected. So what gives? Sounds like you’re missing an opportunity in the advertising world.

Paid social is a MUST in today's market. Every business has an online presence, but algorithms can make it tricky to get your content in front of enough eyeballs. Paid social is one way to ensure your target audience is seeing your content shine.

We can help you build a base (or add to your mountain!) of followers and grow the qualified leads in your address book. We can also help you turn that ad investment into more conversions than you’ve dreamed of.

Our team can prepare and manage ads on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Youtube. Campaigns we design for our clients usually fall into one of two categories: consideration (page likes, web traffic, or lead generation) or conversions (sales!).


Conversion ads are pretty straightforward and will show you a direct return on your investment - especially once we set up retargeting of your current web traffic. After a few months of learning, we’ll be able to present back to you a predictable Cost Per Result that you can use to essentially reverse engineer your revenue! You tell us how much you want to make, we’ll be able to tell you exactly what it will cost to do that, and we’re off to the races.


Consideration campaigns capture any results we are driving for outside of direct sales. These campaigns are commonly used for B2B businesses, but can also play an integral role in B2C marketing as a way to warm up leads that you may then re-target via emails or more ads. As a business owner, you probably also understand the need for leads, but you might be questioning how page likes will translate into sales. It’s actually pretty simple: the larger your following across all platforms, the more reputable and personable your brand becomes (which is key for sales!).

Skeptical of our big promises? We have the data to prove it.

In just under three months, we helped a client grow from under 4,500 followers on Facebook to almost 18,000 with just over $1400. That’s about $0.13 per follow and an increase of over 300%.

And you don’t need a big budget to see results.

With just over $600, we helped a small, family-run business gain over 2300 new qualified leads from Facebook. With that same investment of $600, we helped another client’s Facebook following grow by nearly 6000%.

Facebook isn’t the only platform where we can get results. $600 on Twitter goes a long way too! One client saw 1209% growth in just three months.

Still not convinced of our magic? I see... you’re all about the conversion value and return on investment in Cold. Hard. Ca$h.

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