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Why You Should Be Reading Blogs (Including Ours!)

Tessa-May Marr

January 6, 2015

Why You Should Be Reading Blogs

The world is changing. The way we communicate is changing. This is something I say time and time again when speaking about social media—what it is and why it matters. But you know what else is changing?

How we learn.

How we consume information.

Back in the day, after high school, most of us selected a career path and attended post secondary to gain the appropriate credentials. We went off to work, moving up the corporate ladder while demonstrating great results based on knowledge that was learned in school, and some increasing industry experience. (And let’s be honest, a little credit to how well you schmoozed the boss and his wife at the company Christmas party!)

But nowadays, the way we operate in most industries, particularly in business and marketing, changes so often! Due to the rapid rate at which technology progresses, everything is impacted. Therefore processes, industry standards, best practices, and innovation are constantly refreshing themselves.

What does that mean?

It means that while what you learned in university years ago surely provided a great foundation to kick off your career, but it could be going stagnate. Sure, you likely call on some of the lessons you learned often in your job even today, but the information taught back then is probably taught a lot differently today, within our new business landscape.

So how does one keep up, keep fresh and keep being a master of their field as it modernizes around them?

I’m so glad you asked.

Try blogs. (Yes, this is a blog to promote blogs.)

Successful leaders in business fields these days are the ones that are really embracing what’s happening with technology and our modern world. A good portion of those people are the newbies, coming fresh out of school with their digital marketing degrees, as opposed to the traditional marketing degrees they were giving out when we were in school. But some of the best in the business went to school back when we did, before the days when we were encouraged to set up LinkedIn accounts to find great career opportunities.

These people are the staying up to date with all the new information being taught by reading blogs (Don’t forget eBooks, white papers and virtual webinars as well). Within this movement into social media, companies and thought leaders are busting out their virtual pens and writing like crazy! They are offering tips, tricks, and insight into how they do business today to be successful. Everyone is obsessed with sharing this information too. Why? Well, because it’s a perfect way to market themselves. You see, we pay attention and follow companies or people who share useful information. Those that share understand a captive audience is worth it because it leads to loyalty and respect. Often this converts to business opportunities be it finding the best recruits, great speaking engagements, increased publicity, or even sales leads.

The best part of all this is that it’s cheap and easy to stay current within your industry. Do some research. Find some blogs sharing relevant information about your industry, and subscribe to them (getting them delivered right to your inbox). And then, when they come into your inbox, don’t skip past them or file them way. Set aside 15 minutes every day to read a blog or two. This is your professional development. Invest some time into it. Not only will it enhance your knowledge and skill set, it will ensure you remain on the cutting edge of whatever is happening within your industry. Your boss is going to like that, because that’s what’s going to ensure you keep your company successful in our modern world. And you’re going to like that, because it means your boss isn’t going to have to go out and hire “fresh, young blood” to keep his company rocking in this new world, because he has you. And you always have the skinny on what’s new and happening and relevant.

So thanks for reading this blog and now that you know why you should be reading blogs, go find some more to read!

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