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How To Effectively Use Emojis In Social Media Scheduling

Casey Mathison

April 26, 2017

emojis in social media

Emojis, the universal language. They always help us say what words sometimes just can't 🤔. Even if emojis aren't really your thing, it's a practice all social media managers need to adopt because our clients and competitors are all using them.

All major social platforms support the emoji keyboard, so embrace it! Studies have shown that tweets, posts, and captions with emojis gain 20-50% more engagement. So add some visual interest to your content and captions by using these tiny expressive images. Here's how to access the emoji keyboard on your laptop and desktop devices:

Mac: Control+Command+Space

Windows: Open your Touch Keyboard and select the smiley face icon

Now you're ready to rock!🤘🏼 How can you integrate emojis successfully into your social media content?

Good question. 👍

Here's how to talk the talk. 🗣


Ensure you know the correct meaning of the emoji, pop culture has a funny way of creating a whole new meaning for these innocent little images. Save yourself the embarrassment and do your research. The peach emoji? 🍑 It's also used as reference for a generous behind (Thanks Kim K).

The eggplant emoji? Well, let's just say, it's too vulgar to even use in this blog. Emojipedia (yes, that's a thing) is a great resource for those new to the emoji game.


Chevrolet released an ad campaign last year entirely coded in emojis, the impact was... less than effective.

Didn't crack it? Us, either. If you're going to replace words with emojis, just do 1 or 2 so the meaning of your message isn't lost (like above). Or, play it safe and just use emojis to emphasize your messaging. Have a little fun with your social media and add a 🎉 at the end to show your excitement, or a ❤️ to show your gratitude.


Sometimes we can take social media a little too seriously. Social is meant to be fun! Add some excitement back into it. Craft your replies using a single emoji (our team loves 🙌 , it really says it all!), use a single emoji as a caption on Instagram for a mysterious vibe 🔮 , and they're also especially helpful when you are literally at a loss for words 🙊 .

Now take these tips and apply them to your scheduling next week, and we want to hear how it goes! Send us an 🍎 (yes, an apple emoji is still just an apple...for now at least) on Twitter and we'll hook you up with some more great social engagement tools!

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