• Kris Roxas

21 Ways to Totally Fail at Social Media

ways to fail at social media

We all make mistakes. Some are bigger than others. Here are some lessons you can learn from.

1. Being “accidentally” racist. Just don’t.

ways to fail at social media home depot

Seriously… I don’t see how the intern in charge of this could see this and not think, “Yeah, maybe I shouldn’t tweet this.”

2. Joking about plane crashes to make your own airline look good.

ways to fail at social media london

When lives are involved, probably it’s best just paying your respects.

3. Making fun of soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo to sell soft drinks.

ways to fail at social media pepsi

The Swedish Pepsi team decided to poke fun at rival soccer nation, Portugal. The result was this little voodoo doll getting run over by a train, another photo with hundreds of pins in it, and a very obviously stepped-on Pepsi can on a flattened doll.

Pepsi quickly took it down when Portugal created a justifiably angry Facebook page which gained over 105,000 likes overnight protesting these ads. Moral of the story: national pride is great, but don’t build the biggest building in town by knocking over every other building. Just build the biggest building. ie. Talk about how great your group is, not how much another one stinks.

4. Trying to relate the Boston Marathon tragedy to scones and energy cereal.

ways to fail at social media epicurious

I could “almost” understand if this were pre-scheduled, but holy cow was this a blunder. Best advice is stop scheduling event-specific tweets, and definitely avoid (to the best of your ability) any tragic events. Cereal does little or nothing to ease the suffering, no matter how delicious.

5. Retaliating to fair critiques of your video games with immature comments.

ways to fail at social media