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4 Reasons Why I Love The Native Twitter App

Tessa-May Marr

May 27, 2016

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There are loads of tools out there today to help you manage social efforts; everything from curating content, to scheduling to engagement. And we use some of these as well, to help us get the job done for our clients. But when it comes to managing the day to day engagement--responses, tweeting live, likes, retweets, etc--I actually prefer to go tool-free and stick with the native Twitter app. Not everyone agrees with me, but I'm into it. And here's why...

Discover (now called Moments)

I personally do a somewhat terrible job of staying on top of current events. I do not get the newspaper delivered to my door. And I don't have cable. But you know what helps? This little section of Twitter that shares top trending topics in varying categories including politics, entertainment and celebrities, arts, business--you name it! I love that I can pop in here and peak around at what people are talking about and what's going on in the world, all from the palm of my hand.

Conversation History

I use and love a social media management tool for scheduling. (I'm sure you've heard of Hootsuite?) But, when it comes to managing my direct messages, I like to do this in the Twitter app on my phone. Why? Well, because I can see the conversation history. In Hootsuite, you can do funky things like assign DMs to different people to follow up with--which is great. But when you're trying to have a conversation back and forth and see what you said last, it's a pain. In the app, it's all laid out there for you like a text message. Beautiful!

Adding GIFs

This is a fancy new feature that I've only recently discovered and am officially obsessed with. Everything is more fun with a GIF added. They say pictures are worth 1000 words and GIFs are multiple pictures combined to tell a story, often with some hilarious text added in, so how can you go wrong!? I love throwing them into a tweet to enhance my message and add a little humour. (Funny is my favourite way to be memorable.)

Managing Me

And of course, if I'm right here in Twitter itself, I can manage everything to do with my profile within the app. I can update my profile picture or my background image, my URL, my bio--you name it! I love having full access to that while I'm in Twitter working away.

So that's why I love the native Twitter app, but I know people have different preferences on how they like to use Twitter. Tell me, what do you use?

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