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8 Tips for Editing Instagram Photos

Erin Keller

November 3, 2015

tips for editing instagram photos

You've all probably seen those Instagram accounts that post images that are absolutely mind blowing and you wonder... "how on earth do I get my pictures to look like that?" Here are a few tips on how you can edit your own iPhone images to get them to look pro quality! We promise you... editing Instagram pics is easier than you think.

1. Make sure you have good photo.

  • Have an appealing and/or interesting) back drop/background (beach, brick wall, graffiti wall, forest etc).
  • Always shoot in natural light when possible. An hour before sunset and hour after sunrise are know as the “golden hour” and create beautiful soft golden light for photos.
  • Use your phone’s camera app, or take photos in the actual app such as Instagram or VSCOcam. Remember you can take photos with filters on or off with some of these apps (such as in Instagram).

2. Try using an iPhone lens attachment such as the “IQ Universal Lens Clip” which comes with three lenses (Fish Eye, Super Wide & Macro 10x). It takes DSLR-worthy photos with the convenience of using the clip and your phone.

3. Taking photos horizontally (as you would hold a normal DSLR camera) as opposed to vertically allows you to edit and crop photos easier, and you can avoid having to put your photo into a square cropped form which can be difficult for editing.

4. Use photo apps such as: VSCOcam, Snapseed, Afterlight, Whitagram & Photowonder. All apps have built in editors that you can use before putting your photos into the Instagram app.

5. Layout apps such as Instasquare, Instant Picframes, Magic Photo Collage & Layout all help create great layouts, collages and borders.

6. For images that turn out too dark: Increasing editing tools such as brightness, exposure, highlights, temperature, warmth and tint can help create a brighter photo. Decreasing shadows and contrast will help increase brightness.

7. To create a more clear, less grainy photo use editing tools such as sharpen and clarity.

8. To create better skin tone or smoothness, use editing tools such as: Fade (Instagram), skin tone (VSCOcam) and beautify (Photowonder).

What are your favourite editing tips or tricks?

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