Full Service Social Media Marketing

Madison Charney

February 6, 2023

If you’ve read our blog “Live Event Social: What is it and Why Should I Be Doing It?” but you’re still not convinced, read on. Or if you haven’t read it… well, you should - it takes 2 minutes. Literally.

We completed live event social for a first-time client this spring at a profit-for-purpose summit designed to be a conduit for global energy, mobility, and climate solutions, and the results were sort of incredible.

The goals were simple:

  1. Create FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).
  2. Capture content for year-round use as well as future promotional use.
  3. Entice the audience to attend the next event.
  4. Position the client as an educational space for any member of their community.
  5. Create buzz on all social media platforms, creating growth and awareness.

So, did we do that? Yes, obviously, or we wouldn’t be *not so humbly* bragging.

In just three days, we achieved over a 200% increase in reach on Instagram and LinkedIn and appeared in 2,638 searches on LinkedIn alone. Impressions on Instagram increased by almost 1000%. This was all thanks to 12 Instagram and Facebook feed posts, 171 stories on both platforms, 55 tweets, and ONLY 4 LinkedIn posts. Cool, eh?

*This data encompasses all three event days and does not include activity post-event

P.s. Elon, why aren’t you providing all the stats?!

Yes, these numbers are legit. Too legit to quit. But what were the people saying? We’re glad you asked: “Never missing another event!”, “I have chills just watching on Instagram! It must be amazing in real life!” and, “I was inspired. This has set a new bar for conferences!” We promise these weren’t paid actors.

We should also point out that our team was brought on just DAYS before the event. Imagine if we had joined the team weeks or even months before...

Psst, we have event packages for every event and *almost* every budget.

You’re convinced now, right? Drop us an email with “Hey, I need you at my event!” and we’ll be there. Or shine a light in the sky batman style, that works too.

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