• Marr Media Team

How Should You Be Using Social Media In The Midst Of COVID-19?

Updated: Aug 13

Now more than ever before, your social presence is paramount. That's likely the primary way you are able to connect with customers during COVID-19. The way businesses act right now demonstrates who they truly are as an organization. You will leave a lasting impact either in a positive or negative way. You run the risk of losing short-term business, yes. But you also have an opportunity, if you handle this situation well, to not only retain customers, but possibly gain new ones!

There are a lot of different businesses out there experiencing a lot of different things. And the right response right now will be different, depending on your industry, product/service, model, etc. We’ve done our best to break this into four categories and offer some suggestions on how to handle your social presence at a time like this.

WHO: If your doors are closed and you cannot sell right now…

(ie. salons, nail studios, event companies)

WHAT & WHY: Focus on building and maintaining relationships with customers. They will feel personally connected with you and will show up knocking on your door when you open up again.


● Have business owners share very personal messages, ideally via video, that demonstrate empathy and kindness.

Keep customers informed about how you are responding to COVID-19 (ie. additional precautions taken, when doors close, and ultimately, when doors are going to open again).

Share previously posted user-generated content to highlight your customers and your products/services.

Keep content light-hearted (it’s not time for not a pushy, educational sales post). Even though this is not directly related to your business, it is a fun way to stay connected virtually.


Example Instagram posts

WHO: If your doors are closed, but you have the ability to sell online…

(ie. spas, restaurants, fitness studios)

WHAT & WHY: Focus on “offering” as opposed to “selling”. That doesn’t mean you have to give anything away for free, but it means, now more than ever, you need to deeply consider what they need right now and how you’re going to help address that need with value. Consider creating an extension of your business with a new service offering or a modified service offering


Keep messaging personal and share the exciting news that you are still able to fulfill their needs, even with your doors closed.

Respond to all comments and messages quickly and personally to ensure there is no friction or delay for customers during their buying process.

Focus on your current customers with organic social and how you can serve them.

If you are going to attempt to expand your customer-base with your online offer, do so gracefully. We recommend using very targeted ads to do this as people tend to expect selling from ads whereas they might be turned off by being targeted by pushy sales comments or DM’s.