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Lighten Up Your News Feed

Maemi Ishida

February 17, 2015

Lighten Up Your News Feed Social Media

It's hard enough to drag yourself out of bed in the morning, why not make it a little easier by adding some humor and fun to your News Feed.

Statistics show that almost half of us start our days by rolling over in bed, unplugging our smart phones and clicking on the little blue bird on our screens. First thing, we are perusing our News Feeds, over a comforting cup of coffee, catching up on the local and international news. Our feeds are filled with updates on world politics, international terrorism, celebrity break-ups and devastating natural disasters. While it’s great that we’re able to get our serious news (wait… are celebrity break ups not considered serious?) via Twitter, it might be a good idea to lighten up your news feed a little so it’s not all doom and gloom, tweet after tweet. Brighten up your day by following some Parody Accounts!

These spoof accounts are in abundance and they range from fake fictionals, to replica royalty, and pretty much everything in between. Considering the ever growing obsession with pop culture and Tinseltown, an incredible amount of celebrity parody accounts have surfaced from @pharrellhat derived from the ridiculous hat that became Pharrell's signature after the Grammy's, to our personal fave, @BettyFckinWhite, which is, well... #classic.

Who doesn't love a little Betty White?!

News Feed Betty White Parody

The cool thing about parody accounts is there are thousands to choose from to suit your sense of humor. Not only that, but anyone can create one, even you!

These types of accounts are raking in some serious cash. Cameron Asa, owner and creator of accounts such as @TweetLikeaGirl, and @YaBoyBillNye, told Buzzfeed that he brings in between $500-$1000 per sponsored tweet! They are also proving to be very lucrative in terms of marketing, and companies are beginning to recognize this as one of the next evolutions of social media marketing and they are jumping on the bandwagon. It’s a lighter, more airy side of advertising, and it works.

There's something about these parody accounts that breathes a breath of fresh air into your news feed. Whether it happens to be first thing in the morning, while you are waiting for the rest of your team to show up for a meeting, or in those awkward moments sitting alone at the bar, these hilarious tweets will certainly put a smile on your face.

And, as someone* once said, a smile is a curve that sets everything straight. :)

*We are unable to reference as we have no idea who this clever someone was that created this catchphrase, but we would like to note that while our team here is pretty clever, this one isn’t our own.

We may not be a parody account but follow us for all your Social Media & Design news!

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