• Tessa May Marr

14 Wines with Cool Labels

wines with cool labels

“Never judge a book by it’s cover."

Marketers and experienced business people know that whether or not this is “good advice” this is not the reality of how people make decisions. Especially when it comes to wine. Nearly 25 million litres of wine are consumed every year in this world and according to statistics, 100% of purchasers consider the labels and branding of wine very or somewhat important to their decision making. That is a shocking statistic. I even went a step further and polled my own social network and had a tonne of memorable labels that caused them to pull the bottle off the shelf.

You know what this means? Branding matters. So make sure you put a little effort into it, people!

Charles Smith

These labels always stand out for me personally. The black and white, cartoon-like graphics and unique and memorable names always beg me to buy.

wines with cool labels charles smith

Vibrant Vines

Fun fact: When you visit the vineyard, you actually get 3D glasses to wear that really make the labels pop.

wines with cool labels vibrant wine

Laughing Stock

Those are stock prices from the day the wine was picked. How cool is that?

wines with cool labels laughing stock

Big House Wine Co.

This winery plays to their nearness to a local California prison. This is the "tough guy"'s first choice, I'm sure, or any man for that batter. (The guy who recommended this one to me has a truly impressive moustache.)

wines with cool labels big house wine

Longue Dog

This is just cute. Everyone loves animals!