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Branding Can Be Tricky: A Case Study on ElleBox Co

Tessa-May Marr

January 7, 2016

ellebox co case study social media

Branding is a very important part of marketing your business, and can be especially complex these days with so many options and avenues for communicating your messaging. This can also be one of the most fun parts of starting a new business as well, as it forces you to define your identify and then get creative with it. Videos, tag lines, sitting around a conference room table (or garage... or your local pub...) chugging coffee (or cocktails) and brainstorming into the wee hours of the night--it's draining, but it's exciting.

But what happens when your product or service has a certain "stigma" around it? It can throw a serious wrench into everything, if the product or service you want people to talk about... just isn't talked about openly. How are you going to get the buzz going about your new business?

Here is a great example of a brand that has done a fantastic job getting people to talk about things they don't usually like to talk about... and in a very memorable way.

Introducing ElleBox Co.

I recently read a review of this company in VanCityBuzz and was blown away (in fact, it's what inspired this entire blog post). These guys offer a subscription service that provides ladies with a monthly care kit to help them handle and even relax a little during their monthly periods. Eeeeek--yes, we said periods. This is a perfect example of a service with "stigma"! (Admit it, you totally cringed when you read the word "period" in a branding blog post.)

But believe it or not, they found a terrific way to market this--and they've only just started. They play to humour and our world's current obsession with social media. Watch, and giggle.

So here is a bit more of an explanation of what this company offers. We also love that they have found a way to #GiveBack as well--donating to a cause that is so often forgotten, and ties in so well to their service offering. #MadProps

What you can learn from them: When you're working on branding an "awkward" product or service, you have to pick your angle and tie it to an emotion. People are going to be uncomfortable... but what else? Are you going to make people laugh in their squirmy state? Are you going to pull on some heart strings and play to their sensitive side? You decide what you're going to try, but make sure there is some method to the madness.

Tell us, what are some of the amazing, somewhat awkward and yet memorable marketing campaigns you've seen out there? (Bonus points if the campaign actually lead you to purchase!)

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