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Entrepreneur Quiz: Are you ready to build a startup?

entrepreneur quiz build a startup

So you're just DYING to start your own business - who isn't at this point? It's a fab lifestyle that combines working from home, building something that you can call your baby, and best of all - impressing your family and friends when you tell them you're a successful entrepreneur. But let's be honest... it's the getting started part that terrifies you. You probably already have an idea in mind, or maybe you’ve already got some customers/clients! You are excited, and feel ready. Take this entrepreneur quiz to find out if you actually ARE!

Answer yes or no for each question:

  1. I have a good understanding of how to start/run a business.

  2. I enjoy talking about myself and my business with people.

  3. I am skilled in my field and know that I have a valuable product/service to offer people.

  4. I am good at setting goals for myself and following through with them.

  5. I feel capable to run a successful business.

  6. I am accountable to myself and my clients/customers.

  7. I have money to invest in my business (a steady income, savings etc).

  8. I am ready to do whatever it takes to make my business successful.

  9. I am comfortable taking risks in order to make my dreams a reality.

  10. I am passionate about what I do.

  11. I have achievable targets for what I need to do in my business and am actively working to complete it.

  12. I have realistic expectations about what it takes to run and build a business.

  13. I know WHY I want my own business.

  14. I have a network of people who support me in my business endeavours.

  15. I am comfortable branding and selling myself and my business and being seen online.

Mostly YES!

You’ve got it! - You have the passion, the drive, AND the mindset of a business leader! You have all the pieces of the puzzle. But wait, where do you start? It sounds like you just need the tools to make your business dreams a reality! Now sure, you could spend weeks Googling and researching - but chances are, you'll slowly lose hope and interest in actually building your business. Because let's be honest, it's not easy work.

Luckily, our social strategy will help you set up your social platforms and ready to put yourself out there like the pro you are - and it'll only take one call with us! You'll learn all the social tricks and tools needed to make you shine! You’ve put this off long enough! What are you waiting for? (BOOK A CALL WITH US TODAY!)

Mostly NO.

You’re almost there! You’re pretty good at what you do and you know a bit about what it takes to get there, but is that enough? Being successful in business is more than just knowledge, it’s about your mindset too! We all have road blocks and stories that keep us from living our passions and reaching our dreams. Confidence coaching is a way to work through the nasty things you’ve been telling yourself about why you can’t have it all. You’re on the edge of something big, you just need to take that leap! Consider this the nudge you need to invest in both yourself AND your business. (Book a Discovery Call with us and we'll help you get started!)

No matter which stage you are in developing your entrepreneurial dreams, don't slow down! Success is just around the corner for everyone who puts their mind to it.

Kendra Hadley is a Certified Life Coach, Registered Professional Counsellor and Workshop Facilitator in Vancouver BC, Canada who is passionate about helping clients own their shit, and love their lives through self care and self love in order to let their inner awesome shine through! Connect with her “authentic self” on social media:

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