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How Celebrities Use Social Media To Build Their Brands

It used to be that celebrities were only seen either in their films and television shows, and in celebrity magazines and newspapers. It was all up to the paparazzi and the editors to determine who got the most print space and we, the General Public, consumed whatever was sent our way. We heard about celebs when they were hot--when there was drama in their lives (or speculation of, anyway) or when they had a big role coming up, but when things were simmering in their sexy celebrity lives, they got less press, and we got less information.

Everything is different now in the age of social media, and celebrities are loving it! They now have the ability to control so much more of their press as they put it out there themselves. They can create interest by sharing private moments, snaps and personal stories from their glamorous days. All of a sudden, everyone cares, all the time, about what they're all doing. The General Public can select who they want to follow, and get insider information from them each and every day. It's given celebrity brands even more power, all while giving them a very intimate outlet to reach and interact with their fans.

Here are some of my personal favourite celebrity brands on social media. Who do you follow? And why do you love them?

Anna Kendrick on Twitter

Why? She's sarcastic and hilarious and doesn't take herself too seriously.

Jessica Alba on Instagram

Why? She's not only an actress but a mother and a CEO. She shares a nice mix of personal photos, glamour shots, make up tutorials and business-related posts. She's a great example of well-rounded personal branding.

Kerry Washington on Twitter

Why? She (at least seems) so real on this platform. She tweets at a realistic cadence. She tweets about things she cares about. She promotes her show. She engages with fans. It's great to see someone be real on social media.

Kim Kardashian on Instagram

Why? She is one of the biggest brands out there, and has built so much of her success using social media. Say what you want about her, she knows how to build a brand. No one is really sure why she is famous, but that just goes to prove that she's done such a good job marketing herself with no obvious talents to carry her through. Gotta give her some credit for that!

Taylor Swift on Instagram

Why? She's cute and she's a really good role model for young girls. I like this.

Rihanna on Instagram

Why? She's bad ass and beautiful and that's entertaining.

Lena Dunham on Instagram

Why? She promotes healthy body image, and I love that young women are relating to her and not just all the skinny minis out there. She's also hilarious and super accomplished before being in her 20s.

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