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Michelle Zaporojets

June 17, 2016

how to promote awareness using hashtags June Dresses case study

We all know about social media – keeping our friends up to date on where we’re eating, whom we’re out with, etc.… basically all of the ins-and-outs of our lives. Alternatively, in this decade, it’s also an essential way for businesses to advertise and build connections with customers.

But have you ever thought about using social media for a cause?

June Dresses is doing just that! Through a month-long fundraising campaign, women around the world are posting daily photos of themselves wearing dresses to bring awareness to women’s issues. It’s both a campaign AND a challenge (because we all know wearing a dress for a day is hard enough, let alone a full 30 days!).

“It takes courage and vulnerability to post photos of yourself online every day. While June Dresses might not be for everyone, we really believe the campaign has the power to make a positive impact in people’s lives,” says Ailen White, Calgary Chapter Coordinator for June Dresses.

So obviously, as a women-led business ourselves, we couldn’t say no to participating. We’re ALL for women empowerment! June Dresses allows you to select a charity of your choice, out of 15 that they have partnered with, so you can decide where your funds go. Mad Media was drawn to Making Changes Association, which works to support women by providing them with skills and resources needed to pursue work (because we all know how hard it is out there).

But the question remains: how did social media help June Dresses become a successful campaign? Well, just like you think! It started with a Facebook page in 2009, using promotion and word of mouth to spread the word across Canada. Unsurprisingly, June Dresses quickly spread to Instagram and Twitter, primarily due to the magic use of hashtags (since Facebook was a tad late to the #party).

“Without social media, June Dresses wouldn’t have the potential audience it does, so social media has been a great tool for getting the word out.”

And lets be honest, who wouldn’t notice a friend posting a daily photo of themselves wearing a dress for an entire month? People start to notice and ask questions, and hopefully take on the challenge themselves, or they decide to contribute by donating. And the domino chain continues on and on…

…and it doesn’t look like it’s stopping anytime soon! June Dresses raised over $90,000 over 3 years and now has participants from Canada, America, and Europe – all thanks to social media!

“June Dresses is a fun and fresh event that has added benefits of raising financial support and educational awareness to specific women's issues. It's a way to share a legacy of hope.” And we’re so excited to take part in it.

Have you been following along with our posts on Instagram? You should be. You can also donate to support our team and our selected charity here.

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