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How to Take Tweetable Pics

Tessa-May Marr

April 7, 2015

How to Take Tweetable Pics

5 Ways To Turn Your Average Smart Phone Images into Gorgeous Pieces of Content Everyone Will Want to Share


How to Take Tweetable Pics

Sick of all the blurry photos you keep getting with your smart phone? You may think it takes some high-powered photography gear to get that crystal clear quality, but it’s easier than you think. Open up the camera in your phone and point it at whatever scene you’d like to capture. Now hold still for just a second, and touch the screen on whatever you’d like the be the focus of the shot. Notice how your camera automatically focuses on it and it all becomes crisp? Now touch to capture! (Tip: Always take a couple pics just in case one of them doesn’t turn out quite as clear as you had hoped.) For those feeling a little more advanced, try touching the part of the image in the “background” and focusing on that. It will blur the foreground and make the image super interesting.


How to Take Tweetable Pics

You don’t need to study photography to take a great shot. Lots of people automatically just put the subject matter in the centre…centre-ish, anyway. A really good centred, symmetrical photo is amazing, but more often than not, the background isn’t all that symmetrical, so why not try something different altogether. Keep your subject off to one side and fill the other side of the picture with beautiful background.


Did you know that pictures with faces in them get 30% more engagement? Ellen may have made the selfie famous, but we can all capitalize on it. So don’t be shy, flip that camera around and give us your best grin. Just landed in a new city? Instead of just the skyline, why not add your gab into the corner with a funny expression. Try a thumbs up in front of a landmark! Or a selfie with a client or new friend. And make sure you get the name and preferably the Twitter handle of the people in your pics so you can tag them in any and all posts. Anyone tagged is more likely to share and increase your posts reach = always a good thing.


Turn your picture into an ad in seconds. One of the best apps you could ever pay for is called WordSwag. And don’t worry, it comes at a bargain rate of $1.99, so it won’t break the bank. Instead of just a caption under the photo, add the caption TO the photo. You’ll feel like the next advertising genius creating beautiful pieces of work. Use some creative text—quotes are great—or let WordSwag suggest something for you. Play with all the text options so you find the one that suits your image perfectly.


With the phones and apps we have today, you can easily enhance your images without the aid of computers and photoshop. After you’ve taken your picture, go view it in your Photo Stream or album and you will find an option to “Edit”. First things first, get familiar with the Auto-Enhance icon. In just one quick click you can improve your image. Also, there are probably anywhere between 5 and 15 different filter options. Try them all out and pick which one looks the best! (Tips: Black and white makes everyones skin look perfect and anytime you have green, pick one that makes it even brighter.) Want to go a step further? Try downloading apps like Camera+ or SnapSeed, and you can adjust brightness, balance, contrast and even sharpness.


Now that you’ve got your fantastic image ready to go, what do you do with it? Share it on all your networks! Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. For the best engagement, share pics directly to Twitter, as opposed to via Instagram. This will ensure they show up in your followers’ feeds as opposed to as a link. (We’re all just too lazy to click more than once, let’s be honest.) Be sure you’re using hashtags wherever you can as well, to increase your reach to people outside your networks. Now, off you go – get snapping!

Do you have any tips for making the most out of images on social media? Let us know in the comments below!

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