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Let's Build an Infographic!

Casey Mathison

July 14, 2015

how to build an infographic

Here’s the scenario.

You're asked to hand in a 300 word blog on a topic of your liking for the company website. The only problem is, you’re a designer, not a writer. So what do you do? You build an infographic!

Here’s the pitch.

An infographic is an engaging and exciting way to display information and bring it to life. They are used for quick digestion and immediate absorption of facts. Researchers have found that colour visuals increase a users willingness to read by 80%, therefore making them extremely inviting and encourage users to share.

Here’s why.

We are built to process information visually. 70% of our sensory receptors are in our eyes, giving us the ability to process a visual scene in less than one tenth of a second. On average, only 28% of the words on a website are read per visit, whereas it takes us only 150ms to absorb a symbol. With five times as much information coming at us today than in 1985, communicating through graphics is key. (http://blog.hubspot.com/agency/science-brains-crave-infographics)

Here’s how to build your own!

How to build an infographic

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