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Sociables: A Social Media Roundup (July Edition)

Bria Baylor

July 7, 2017

social media article round up

Working in social media is HARD. You can’t rely on just your trusty college degree to get you through with wild success. This is a very unique field, where the rules change daily. What was best practice yesterday may not be today. How people consume content changes all the time. Hell, there could be an entirely new social network dropped on the world at any given moment and if you really want to be a rockstar at your job, you need to be know about it, try it and understand it – almost immediately, so you can know if it’s the right place for your clients to be. So how do you accomplish this great feat of relentlessly staying up to date? Well, you have to read… A LOT. Lucky for you, social media gurus (such as ourselves) love to write about this stuff, so it’s pretty easy to get your hands on the deets. (You can just follow us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn for a steady feed of it all–real time.) To be even more helpful (it’s just in our nature), we’ve decided to round up our top performing content from this past month for you – right here and now.

So sit back, grab yourself a cocktail (let’s be honest, you deserve it–you work hard) and get up to speed, Rockstars.

NEW RECIPE: Whoa? Is it us or is this year breezing through? It’s July ALREADY! And we don't know about you, but after attending Social Media Week LA last month, we've noticed SO many new updates in this social media world of ours. It’s so easy to get lost in the sauce of new updates, improved ways to blog and rack up on curated content, and keep the stream of ideas flowing as you work on your awesome organic stuff. We get it! That’s why we do what we do. And we do it ALL. THE. TIME! Our team works around the clock to make your life easier and lighten your load! If you are already following us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram (we hope you are!) – you might have caught some of these. Just in case, we’ve compiled our highest performing content from the month, just for you!

Have a summer sip of Sangria (easy recipe below!) and check out these rockstar posts.

The simple facebook posting strategy that helped us 3x our reach and Engagement

As the saying goes, quality trumps quantity. This strategy increased engagement while decreasing work and has the data to prove it! Sounds like a win-win to me. If you want to get more out of your company’s Facebook use, less is more!

10 Hidden facebook marketing features & hacks that you can try today

Facebook has some hidden gems to help to boost your marketing strategies. The updated features allow you to collect data and know all the W’s (who, what, when, where, and why) of your approach. Use these to increase engagement, further the reach and rock out your social media magic!

9 essential design tools for non-designers

So you’re not a design pro? Cool. We don’t need you to be. Imagery is everything; stats show that we’re more likely to actually read something if it’s accompanied by and image or video. It’s all about the visuals. Forget about needing to have majored in graphic design or own the most updated Photoshop Pro, apps like these can have you creating like a professional in half the time.

the best days and times to send your email (infographic)

Geez! Who knew? This infographic breaks down the secret strategy to e-mail wins! So, maybe you’re trying to get that proposal over to another business? You probably should send it on Saturday at 10 a.m. But maybe you’re aiming to get a review from a customer? Send it around midnight. Isn’t it weird how this works?

start a podcast now. here's how.

You’ve got something to say. It could be about parenting tales, the latest technology trends in the Calgary area, a how-to series – the possibilities are endless. No one could match your thoughts, voice, and style either, so we say: go for it! Go live and get heard in these five steps…

Well that was easy, right? Good job, you got through it! Now pat yourself on the back, settle down with a fruit Sangria and enjoy the weekend 😉

We’ve got ya covered! Thanks to Sharon with #WhatTheFork , we present this easy two-step Sangria. The recipe’s below, but check out the site while you’re at it! Remember: Sangria can be made up to two hours before serving (but if you’re ready for it now, jump right on in!

Makes 1 pitcher.

  • 1 bottle Moscato wine (750 ml)
  • 1/2 C brandy
  • 1 lime, thinly sliced
  • 2 C Del Monte® watermelon, cubed and cold
  • 2 C Del Monte Gold® Extra Sweet Pineapple, cubed and cold
  • lemon lime soda, for serving
  • ice cubes Pour the wine and brandy into a pitcher and stir to combine. Add the sliced lime, watermelon, and pineapple. To serve, place some of the fruit in a glass with ice. Pour the sangria over the ice and top with lemon lime soda.

Until next time!

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