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Casey Mathison

June 23, 2017

3 Hot Tips From #SMWLA

As you may have noticed, our team spent last week in Los Angeles soaking up ALL the information at Social Media Week LA. An event full of workshops, speakers and presentations from the likes of Facebook, Buzzfeed, Pinterest and even National Geographic (who are the ultimate social media goals, BTW). Our team strategically split up and tried our best to hit every session, and gain as much information as we could.

And here’s what we learned.


Honestly, this isn’t exactly news - but the amount of which this was touched on, makes it 100% unavoidable. It used to be content is king, then it moved to visual content is king, and now…video content is king. We are consuming content faster than ever before, and to grab the users attention we really need to focus on quick, thumb stopping content. If your brand hasn’t yet embraced video, it’s time! And don't forget, design it for sound-off viewing.

Some tips share with us from Facebook:

Facebook Video Design


Did you know the Facebook algorithm deprioritizes content with external links? Yes, seriously. They never want anyone clicking out of Facebook, so posting natively is important if you want to appear in people’s timelines. Another tip, if you REALLY want to get in front of the right people - you need to pay to play. Sponsoring and boosting posts is key to success on this platform.

A Facebook live win, by Tastemade:

Tastemade Facebok Live Latte Art


It’s ok to share the same piece of content across all platforms, but the way we tell the story needs to be told differently.

Here’s some really interesting examples shared with us by The Knot:

The Knot Social Media Strategy

Pinterest vs. Facebook

The Knot Social Media Strategy

Facebook vs. Instagram

Audiences interact differently on each platform, and have different expectations, so really think about who you are trying to connect with.

So, there you have it. Our key takeaways, and some major social media marketing tips that we will be actively injecting into all our social strategies.

Does the idea of creating your own social media strategy stress you out? We can help! Send us an e-mail, and we can chat!

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